Information for hotels

Dear business partners,

We would like to introduce you to HOTELBASE, an Internet – WAP business opportunity which will allow you to advertise your hotel to a much broader selection of business and vacationing customers, while at the same time allowing them an easier way to reserve rooms and plan their trips. HOTELBASE deals with presentation and one-week advance monitoring of hotels and other facilities like pensions, hostels, motels, boatels etc. accessible via the Internet ( and mobile phone ( Aside from the conveniency of being able to access HOTELBASE from either the internet, or a cellular phone, customers can easily obtain actual information about vacant rooms, current prices and special offers and rates for your hotel 7 days in advance. While HOTELBASE is obviously much more ergonomical for your customers, it is also designed to be easily accessed and updated by you. You will be able to update your information 24 hours a day by secure on-line access. Updates of the database are simple and will only occupy approx. 2 minutes including dial-up time.

HOTELBASE provides three basic services:

1.   An Internet presentation of your hotel enhanced with pictures you supply (
2.   WAP (mobile phone) presentation of your hotel (
3.   Monitoring of rooms for one week in advance reservations

Membership fee is 1990 CZK per 12 months

     Advantages for hotels:

  • Dynamic presentation of hotel on the internet and mobile phone.
  • Large selection of styles and presentation.
  • Interlacing our system with your own web presentation.
  • A secure connection to update data regarding availability and prices.
  • No Downloads! Everything is accessible from your internet browser (Internet Explorer / Netscape Navigator).
  • Simple access and system control.
  • An extremely affordable introductory rate of 990 Kc for six months.
     Advantages for customers:

  • No more calling around for rates, availability, and location of numerous hotels.
  • Access from any PC, or from their Cellular Phone!
  • An on-site search engine allowing the customer to shop according to their criteria, whether it be price, location, or just availability.
Why will our database be so widely used?

Our system helps to provide customers an orientation on the hotel market in your town. It will be easier for a customer to find a room in season or out of season by certain characteristics (i.e. category, date, price, location). It will also help the users to advertise in and out of season specials and get those advertisements out to more people. HOTELBASE will be a travel agent to many customers making last minute reservations, or planning ahead to their family vacations.

     Basic information and conditions of attendance in our system:

  • After reading information please fill out a registration form.
  • You will obtain a user name and password via E-mail in 24 hours.
  • You will also obtain an invoice and contract.
  • After receiving your information simply pay for the invoice and send us one copy of the contract back.
  • After 6 months our system will contact you for optional renewal information.

     Demonstration of up-dating:

  • Use your login name and password to logon.

  • In next step you have possibility to update number of free rooms or just simply specify if your hotel is free or not. You can update a price, special offer or change a password as well.

  • For changing a fixed information (e.g. phone number, other information) do not hesitate and send us an E-mail and it will be done in 24 hours.